I’m sure your mind is racing with all that needs to be planned. It’s all very exciting but it can also be somewhat overwhelming. You’re planning the day that you’ve been anticipating your whole life and yet you only get one shot at it! By the time you get the hang of it, the planning is over. My goal as wedding photographer is to make this one aspect of the planning process simple. Photography is more than just images, it’s a real part of your day. Not only do you deserve beautiful images, you also deserve an amazing photographic experience.  When my couples feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, that results in genuine, joyful images!  

One way I ensure that my brides and grooms enjoy the best photographic experience possible is through forming a relationship with my couples. I try my best to make sure that all of my couples are the PERFECT fit for me before officially booking. A bride and groom should connect with their photographer, trust their photographer and be EXCITED about the whole process with them! After booking, I love getting to know my clients through an engagement session that helps them warm up to the camera so that they are ready to rock and roll on the wedding day! By the time the wedding day arrives, my clients feel more like friends and that creates a safe and relaxed environment for photography. 

To learn more about my approach to the wedding day, click here or message me below and I'll email you my detailed guide that walks you through everything! 

The Wedding Experience

Complimentary Engagement Session 
Second Photographer 
8 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage 
Online Gallery of all Edited Pictures 
50 Miles of Travel for wedding day 
50 Miles of Travel for Engagement Shoot 
(.50 per additional mile) 

Packages start at $3,000


1. What is your price for weddings?

Email Becca for more detailed information! 2019 packages start at $3,000. 

2. Do you do destination weddings?

Yes I do! In fact, my bag is already packed. ;)

3. What would you call your style of photography?

I like to call it airy with a punch. I try to stay true to your skin tones, while still capturing the beauty around you. My goal is give you joyful, timeless and romantic pictures you will love and cherish forever. 

4. How does payment work?

I require a 50% deposit to reserve your wedding date. The rest of the fee is due a week before the wedding! 

5. What if ____ happens?

Trust me... This was me when planning my wedding. I imagined every possible worst case scenario and stressed myself out. As someone who's been there done that, my goal as a photographer is to help you avoid that! As your photographer, I keep in contact with you, make sure we are all on the same page before the big day even arrives, and keep calm and collected no matter what happens during your wedding day. Trust me... No day ever really goes perfectly to plan, and that's okay! We go with the flow and still get those amazing pictures you've always dreamt of. :)

6. You say you specialize in natural light. Do you also shoot indoors and use flash?

Even though I do specialize in natural light, I know that wedding days bring difficult lighting situations. Having shot dozens of weddings, my husband and I are very comfortable using flash when needed, and getting creative to make sure those special moments are captured. We try to avoid flash during the ceremony in order to avoid taking away from the moment, but will use it with discretion if needed. During the reception we both use on-camera flashes. 

7. But... We are so awkward in front of the camera! How do you deal with that?

If you only knew how many clients have told me the exact same thing! And this is one of the reasons I love doing an engagement session. Over the years I've developed a posing system that helps get rid of those photoshoot jitters, gives you the "candid" pictures you see all throughout my work, and helps even the most awkward couples become comfortable in front of the camera. Then, when your wedding day arrives, you already know how I work and the day goes by so much smoother. Trust me - you're in the best of hands! 

8. Do I really need you for the entire 8 hours?

From my years shooting weddings, I've come to find that 8 hours is the "sweet spot". We're there long enough to get everything from the getting ready pictures to the portraits to the ceremony and reception without the couple feeling rushed for time. And as your photographer, I want to be able to serve you the best I can, which means being there for all those special moments. I can be there for fewer hours if you wish, but that does not discount the overall price of the package. 

9. Who is your second shooter on wedding days?

My second shooter is my sweet husband Isaac! I love getting to work alongside him on your special day. 

10. Why do you like to shoot weddings?

I've always loved weddings, and have been a TLC-wedding-show binge watcher since high school (Say Yes to the Dress anyone??). When I began my photography business, I was so excited to actually be a PART of people's weddings, and still get giddy thinking about serving a bride and groom on their big day. I love weddings. I love what they represent, and I LOVE capturing these memories for you. 


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