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May 3, 2019

It was a warm spring day with a hint of summer in the air. The sun was bright, the shade was cool and the flowers were blooming. Natalie thought we were there for some spring family pictures, but Julian had much more up his sleeve. When he got out of his truck he looked at […]

May 1, 2019

You know that feeling you get when you see two people who are so happy and so in love it makes YOU happy? That’s how I feel every time I’ve been with Joe and Brittany. Their joy is contagious, and they are head over heels for each other. How can you not smile when you […]

April 19, 2019

It’s no secret that I love spring. The minute it starts warming up, trees begin budding and flowers bloom, I’m in heaven. I live for warmer weather and get so excited for all the spring photoshoots. I’m a huge fan of the tall grass, green trees and flowers everywhere. It’s my favorite time of year […]

April 1, 2019

It was a warm, humid spring day. Anticipation was in the air, and smiles came easily to everyone’s faces. The moment we had been waiting for was finally here. I had watched Ethan search for his future wife for years. He had waited patiently to meet Audrey, and from the moment I first saw them […]

March 28, 2019

In Texas, taking pictures with the bluebonnets is more than just a fun photo op. It’s something that we HAVE to do. Like how you close your eyes when you sneeze. Or when you have to clap after hearing “the stars at night are big and bright”. It’s engrained in our blood. So you can […]

March 19, 2019

You know the phrase “third time’s the charm”? Hannah and John are proof that sometimes those four words are 100% true. John drove around to three different locations before finally proposing to Hannah. First the park he has originally planned on going to was closed. Then there was no parking at the Margaret Hunt Bridge. […]

January 28, 2019

“We’re waiting to kiss until our wedding day”, Nathan told me as he beamed down at Becky. She looked up at him and gave him a soft smile back. At that moment, my heart melted a little. In a society that takes marriage and love so casually, I loved seeing two people who were committed […]

January 21, 2019

Have you ever met two people and immediately knew you were going to like them? That’s what I felt when I first met Lauren and David. From the soft, sweet way Lauren spoke to the way David looked at her as he told us how they met, I could tell we were going to be […]

March 26, 2018

Have you ever had that moment when you meet someone for the first time and instantly know you’re going to like them? That’s exactly what happened to me the first time I met Allison and Matthew. They were on cloud nine, oh so in love and excited to get their wedding planning rolling. They were […]

November 9, 2017

It was the coldest day we’d had all season. My breath caught in my chest as I stepped out of the car to get my gear. While I put on every single winter clothing article I own (not that that says much…), I got more and more excited for the upcoming session. Yes, it was […]