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March 2, 2019

I’ve always been interested in pregnancy and births. When I was younger I loved watching “A Birth Story” on TLC, and my interest only grew when I became pregnant with my sweet baby boy. While I navigated the nine months of carrying James, I watched so many birthing videos, read article after article about labor, […]

January 10, 2019

It’s been a hot minute since I last blogged over here at Becca Sue Photography. And let me tell ya… I’ve missed it! I’ve missed sharing some of my favorite pictures from sessions and weddings, life updates, tips, and (of course) the continuation of The Story of Us. I wish I had a good excuse for the absence, […]

July 8, 2017

I was there the day my brother and Cassie first met last April. We were at the Jazz Festival in Denton, walking around looking at all the art, listening to live music and stuffing our faces with delicious food. You could tell from the minute they began talking to each other that there was something […]

May 22, 2017

I am so excited to share this shoot with y’all! I had the greatest privilege to work with one of my high school classmates the other day to celebrate Mother’s Day the best way possible… By taking maternity pictures for her soon-to-be-here baby. When she first reached out to me, I was thrilled. Not only […]

May 19, 2017

This past Saturday my sweet husband graduated from UT Arlington with a Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Engineering. Ever since I met him (when we were just little babies in high school), I knew he was made to do great things. The past six years he’s been in school have been tough, but his perseverance, determination […]

April 29, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I swear seniors look so much older nowadays than I looked at their age. Somehow, in the few years it’s been since I graduated, they all learned how to dress better, do their hair, and hold themselves in a more mature way. And let me tell you… They are SO much […]

December 20, 2016

Guys… I don’t know where to begin. I’ve dreamt about this day since I was a 7th grader staying after school two days a week for my very first photography classes. I always said “someday I’ll be a photographer”, and one day I finally had a one-on-one with myself about making that dream a reality. […]