Mar 6th, 2016

Dreamy Fall Maternity | Denton, TX

Dreamy is definitely the first word that comes to mind when it comes to this maternity session. I just about died when I saw April’s gorgeous floral headpiece and flowy, wine colored dress. And it was seriously the perfect evening for a session. The wind was gently blowing, making the leaves rustle above us. The golden sunlight was streaming across the field. And the fall colors were starting to make their appearance.

Maternity | Becca Sue Photography -

As we walked down the sidewalk toward our session spot, I had so much fun catching up with April. Because (I could barely believe it when she first got out of the car) we actually knew each other from years past! When I first saw her, I thought I was going crazy. I knew I knew her from somewhere, but didn’t know how. Turns out we actually went to high school together – she was a year ahead of me – AND to a week long GA camp back in the early 2000’s. I laughed so hard when I finally put the pieces together! I seriously had no idea she was my client that evening (I didn’t recognize her married name!), and it made our session together even more special.

Maternity | Becca Sue Photography -

As we talked and caught up, I loved hearing how excited she is to meet sweet Waverly in just a few short weeks. There’s an inexplicable joy mothers have when it comes to their children (especially their first one) and it was infectious! I was grinning from ear to ear our entire session.

Even though April didn’t believe me, she really was glowing during our session. You could tell from the way she talked about Waverly how excited she and her husband were to meet her, and how much in love they were with her already. That joy shone from her, and it was amazing to see!
Y’all… I love maternity sessions. You get to capture beautiful moments like these where mom gets to celebrate the life she’s been carrying and loving on for the baby’s entire life. It’s magical!

Maternity | Becca Sue Photography -

April, I am SO excited for you, and can’t wait to meet Waverly soon! <3

Maternity | Becca Sue Photography - Maternity | Becca Sue Photography -



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