Mar 6th, 2016

Jude 18 Months | Bob Eden Park – Euless, TX

Happy Thursday!
I hope today’s pictures bring a little smile to your face, because the definitely did to mine. Every time I see sweet little Jude, I can’t help but grin from ear to ear… He’s one of the cutest and sweetest little boys out there!

I go to church with Jude’s family, and have known him since he was just a few weeks old. I always loved getting in my “Jude snuggles” when he was a baby, and now I melt a little on the inside when I hear him yell “HI!!” from across the foyer at church, or blow me kisses when he’s on his way out the door. He holds a special place in my heart, along with his two big sisters, and I’m so thankful this family has become a part of my life.

So when Jude’s mom asked me to take his 18 month pictures, you better believe I didn’t think twice! All I could think was “30 minutes of Jude time? Count me in!”, and let’s just say the afternoon was SO much fun. Between snapping some a-dor-a-ble pictures of Jude (if I say so myself…) to hanging out with his sisters Addie and Annabelle (and bond over our mutual love for PB&J’s) I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my afternoon.

And can we just take a minute to talk about that red wagon? When Kate, his mom, told me she could bring it, I was pumped. I’ve always wanted to take pictures in a red wagon like that, and obviously now I need one of my own. 😉

Jude totally rocked his session, and I can’t wait to continue capturing his sweet personality in the years that come!



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