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March 5, 2018

The sun peeked through the clouds as Brooke and Tommie sat on the quilt together. The end of winter cold was nipping the air, but that didn’t stop Tommie from having the BIGGEST smile on her face as she picked up book after book. The bright, colorful pictures caught her gaze, and she looked up at her mom as she tried turning the pages. Brooke hugged her daughter closer as they read together and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon by the pond. It was such a sweet moment, as mommy and daughter spent time reading books together in their favorite park.

And a sweet moment that made my teacher heart oh so happy.

Mommy and Me Session | Becca Sue Photography -

It’s amazing to see a 7 month old as engaged in a book like Tommie was. I have students in third grade who struggle to get into a book, but this little baby clearly already has a love for reading and learning, and I am so thankful I got to see that. Her momma and daddy are huge book readers themselves, and seeing them pass this trait on to their daughter is something I know will continue to impact Tommie’s life in the years to come.

And honestly… I know the books she reads have a lot to do with it. Which I know is the main reason Brooke decided to start her Usborne adventure! Because the books are simply THAT awesome.

Mommy and Me Session | Becca Sue Photography -

Usborne is unlike any other book company I know.
They sell unique books, that are high quality and (most importantly) CUTE. The stories are funny, the drawings are interesting, and let’s not even get started on how much I’m in love with their nonfiction selection. Coming from a fellow book lover, teacher and future mom, these books are seriously some of my favorites.
And that says a lot, because I have bought books from practically everywhere!

Mommy and Me Session | Becca Sue Photography -

So when Brooke asked me to take some pictures for her new business endeavor, I all but jumped up and down with excitement. Two of my favorite people AND some super fun books? Yes please! And let’s just say, these are some of my favorite pictures ever.

Because they capture the love between a mom and her daughter.
And they showcase a job that is letting Brooke stay home with Tommie.
And because it just doesn’t get much better than a colorful quilt, a quiet pond and two of the sweetest girls I know.

Mommy and Me Session | Becca Sue Photography -

Y’all… My heart is so happy.

Mommy and Me Session | Becca Sue Photography - Mommy and Me Session | Becca Sue Photography - Mommy and Me Session | Becca Sue Photography -

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