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July 26, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I have a huge love for a 3 week old baby girl named Tommie. Two of my best friends welcomed her to the world on July 3rd, and I am seriously head over heels for her. She is so sweet, tiny and cute. And it’s been amazing to watch Mike and Brooke transition so smoothly into their role as parents. Brooke has shared with me some of the things they’ve learned in the past three weeks, and y’all… I am so humbled by it!

Lifestyle Newborn | Becca Sue Photography (beccasuephotography.com)Lifestyle Newborn | Becca Sue Photography (beccasuephotography.com)

It’s easy to get caught up in the “cute” things about having a baby. Dressing her up. Taking lots of pictures. Sweet snuggles. Baby coos. And (of course) decorating the nursery. But there is so much more than those things. There’s the sleepless nights. Not knowing why baby is crying. Figuring out life as a family of three instead of two. Constantly giving of yourself to support the new human you are now holding. Working as a team as you wade through the first weeks of parenthood. Putting baby’s needs before your own. And forever pointing your child to Christ.

Lifestyle Newborn | Becca Sue Photography (beccasuephotography.com)Lifestyle Newborn | Becca Sue Photography (beccasuephotography.com)

If I have learned anything from spending time with the Samuels and watching them take on their new roles as mom and dad, it’s that they are already amazing parents. They’ve taken on the cute, the sleepless and the dirty aspects of having a newborn, given of themselves, and loved Tommie in a way they have never loved before. It made me smile so big when I heard Mike sing hymns to Tommie as he changed her diaper. Hearing Brooke tell me what the Lord has taught her in this new season of life. Seeing how they are already reading the Bible to T. And joining them in prayer for the salvation of their daughter. I know they’re not perfect parents, but they are doing an incredible job and I hope to have half the patience, humility and grace as they have when my turn comes!

Lifestyle Newborn | Becca Sue Photography (beccasuephotography.com)

When I spend time with them, the thing that sticks out to me the most, though, is how much joy they have now that Tommie is finally here. Their soft smiles as they look at their baby. The laughing giggle when they realize “We’re parents!!“. And the chuckle as they talk about the face Tommie made the night before. So much joy!
I can’t wait to see how Mike and Brooke continue to grow as parents, and to see how T changes over the years to come. Thank you, Samuels family, for allowing me to be apart of Tommie’s life, and letting me capture this sweet moment in time for you!

Lifestyle Newborn | Becca Sue Photography (beccasuephotography.com)

Lifestyle Newborn | Becca Sue Photography (beccasuephotography.com) Lifestyle Newborn | Becca Sue Photography (beccasuephotography.com) Lifestyle Newborn | Becca Sue Photography (beccasuephotography.com)

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