The Story of Us: Part 1


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February 14, 2018

In honor of Valentine’s Day I decided to kick off a fun mini series I’ll be sharing the next few weeks: The Story of Us. One of my favorite parts about being a wedding photographer is getting to hear everyone’s story. They’re all different. They’re all special. And they help me build connections with my clients that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

So I decided to turn the tables and share mine and Isaac’s story. From the awkward high school teens who liked each other to now, as we look forward to welcoming our first child to the world. It’s a fun story, and I’m so glad you’re joining in on the ride.

The Story of Us – Part 1

It all started the summer of 2010. It was a long, hot summer (as they always are in Texas). At night you could hear all the bugs chirping the sounds of the season, and the days were spent sipping ice cold water (or sweet tea on Isaac’s part) and eating lots of ice cream. During that summer that was spent working – Becca was a waitress and Isaac was bounce housing with his family – and hanging out with friends, Isaac and Becca first met.

We could count the brief “Hi” exchange they made at a friend’s house one Wednesday night as the day everything changed, but Isaac had a girlfriend at the time, and Becca was there because her friends were trying to set her up with another guy. #awkward
However, that night when Becca accepted Isaac’s friend request on Facebook, neither of them knew that the start of a lifelong friendship had just begun. Because let’s be honest… she thought he was a little too shy and awkward, and he was not at all interested in her. Funny how those things work, huh?

Now fast forward a few weeks when their senior year was in full force and cross country practice had begun. The summer days were getting shorter, and fun events were on the horizon. Football games, meets, marching band, college applications and See You at the Pole. The fall was in full swing!
And then… Isaac and his girl friend broke up, and he suddenly had eyes for Becca. He had never met a girl who actually LIKED running, and anytime she posted a status about cross country on Facebook, you better believe he was quick to comment and spark a conversation with her.

In fact, he was SO forward with his comments that Becca’s dad began to notice. One afternoon he called her into the kitchen and said “Bec… I see some boy from Ector keeps commenting on your stuff on Facebook”. Blushing, Becca said “Yeah… he is weird and just broke up with his girlfriend. Don’t worry Dad!”.
How embarrassing!!
Because even though Isaac was quickly falling for Becca, she still thought he was a little weird. And WAY too shy for her.

But then one night at church, Becca received a text message from an unknown number. It said “Hi! This is Isaac. When is the See You at the Pole rally?”.
How did he get her number?
She quickly grabbed one of her friends and showed them the text message. He had just broken up with his girl friendWas he looking for a rebound? Should she even text him back?
Her friend suggested texting him back and leaving things at that. And that’s exactly what she planned on doing! But somehow Isaac was able to get Becca to start a conversation with him and soon they were texting constantly. And it turns out that Isaac wasn’t as weird and awkward as she originally thought. He was funny, sweet and loved his family and the Lord. Everything Becca looked for in a guy.

However the question still lingered on Becca’s mind… Is he texting me looking for a rebound, or does he actually like me?

What do you think?? Check back in next week to find out!

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