The Story of Us: Part 2


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February 21, 2018

(Read Part 1 here!)

Even though Becca had some misgivings about Isaac (I mean hellooo, rebound or not?!), she continued to text him and found herself enjoying his conversations. She looked forward to seeing a text from him on her phone, and liked having another person out there to talk about cross country with.
Because let’s be real… those kinds of people are few and far between!

So when they found out they were racing at the same meet the coming week, both Becca and Isaac were so excited. They’d finally get to see each other in person!

When the day of the meet rolled around they were busy texting away about the upcoming race.
Becca ran first, and Isaac made sure to be there at the finish line to cheer her along. Sure enough, at the end of those l-o-n-g two miles (it was a very hot and humid day, mind you!) Becca heard a voice yelling out from the crowd: “GO BECCA! YOU’VE GOT THIS!”.
She smiled (once she caught her breath), because she knew exactly who that voice belonged to.

And, of course, Becca made sure to drag her friend with her to the finish line to watch the Boys Varsity finish so she could do the same for Isaac. Her friend had no idea why she cheered on a random boy from Ector (and definitely asked her about it on the bus on the way home) but Becca didn’t care!
When she found Isaac after the race and asked him how he’d done.
“27th place!”.
Becca couldn’t belive her ears…
“I got 27th place as well!!”.

And they high fived.

The first of thousands of high fives to come!

The Story of Us - Part 2 |

On the way back from the cross country meet, Becca and Isaac texted the entire ride home and on into the night. Running at the same meet, getting the same place and finally seeing each other in person in about three months changed everything. They made plans to go on a 3 mile run before the See You at the Pole Rally that following Sunday (yes, the same rally that Isaac texted her about when this whole thing started), and when the day arrived Becca nervously appraoched her dad.

“Um Dad. Do you remember that guy from Ector?”
“The one who won’t stop commenting on all your stuff on Facebook?”
“Yeah him…. Well is it okay if we go on a run together this afternoon?”
“But I thought you didn’t like him?” His eyebrows started to rise and a knowing look was on his face. He was catching on to her games.
“Yeah I don’t, but he wants to run with me. I don’t know… I didn’t see any harm.”
“Okay babe, but be careful. Guys are gross.”
“I know, Dad. I know!”

And so they went on their run. And afterwards, they decided to go to Sonic for happy hour (the first of MANY Happy Hour Dates) where Becca decided it was finally time.

Finally time to approach him about what had been on her mind for the past month.
Finally time to address a serious concern for her.
Finally time to see if she could start opening her heart to a stranger.

So she took a deep breath, turned to Isaac and asked him the question that would change everything for her.

What was the question Becca asked? Find out next week in Part 3!

The Story of Us - Part 2 |

  1. Elester joe says:

    Noooo! Part 3? This is just like the movies when they split a book into three films.

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