The Story of Us: Part 3


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February 28, 2018

(Missed out on the beginning? Check out Part 1 and Part 2!)

Her heart was beating fast and palms were getting clammy. Becca was NEVER the one to be confrontational. She didn’t like to create drama or make people feel uncomfortable, but she had to know the truth. So she took a deep breath, looked into Isaac’s eyes and said,

“Isaac, I need to ask you something before this goes any farther. I know you and your ex recently broke up and I’m worried that I might just be a rebound. So I have to know… Do you really like me? Or am I just a rebound?”

He looked at her and smiled softly. How in the world would he be able to tell her just what he was feeling? How could he let her know she was different from any other girl he’d ever known? How was he supposed to put into words what he had been feeling for the past couple of months about this amazing girl?

“Of course I like you! I really do!”

And that was all she needed to hear.

She smiled back and sipped on her Strawberry Limeade. They spent the next thirty minutes talking about everything and nothing. She had never been able to talk so easily to a guy before. And he was blown away with how incredible she was. It was puppy love, or as Becca’s dad liked to call it, they “liked liked” each other a whole lot, and from that minute on their lives changed forever.

Later that night they sat next to each other at the See You at the Pole rally, and Becca had butterflies in her stomach the entire time. She had been waiting so long for this. She had prayed for this. And something just felt… right about it all.

Sitting next to each other caused a stir in both of their youth groups. People pulled Becca aside to ask her who the guy was, and Isaac just sat there blushing and smiling his awkward (and extremely cute) smile at them. Becca didn’t know what to say… Other than “That’s Isaac. He’s cool!”

The next few weeks were a blur. They texted constantly, met up for Sonic dates, and went on their first official date together at a Mexican restaurant in a nearby town. They found out they had so much in common! There was always something to talk about. Something to laugh about. And they basically didn’t stop smiling for weeks on end.

He was her date to homecoming. They held hands for the first time that night.

The Story of Us - Part 3 |

And then on October 16th Isaac decided to do one of the scariest things he’d ever done before.

That night he was over at Becca’s house hanging out and watching a movie with her. Once the movie was over he decided it was time. As he walked towards the kitchen door, he cleared his throat and nervously clutched his hands. Her dad looked up and Isaac said,

“Uh… Mr. Campbell? I was wondering if I could talk to you about something?”

What was Isaac going to ask? What was Becca’s dad’s response? Check in next week for Part 4!

The Story of Us - Part 3 |

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