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July 5, 2017

I have waited nine LONG months to be able to write this blog post. Nine months of watching one of my best friends go through an amazing transformation as she brought her sweet baby girl into the world. Nine months of praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Nine months of excitement as each day brought Mike and Brooke closer to finally meeting their daughter. Nine months of patiently waiting on the Lord’s timing to bring little Tommie into the world. And now, finally, those nine months of waiting are over. And y’all… she is perfect!

After doing Mike and Brooke’s maternity shoot in May, I anxiously waited for the day when I would get to meet Tommie Grace in person. This was the first time one of my close friends was having a baby, and it has been so special to see Brooke’s body change to bring a life into the world, to hear how she and Mike have been preparing mentally, physically and spiritually for their baby girl, and to hear how excited she was to become a mother. They have already been such amazing parents to Tommie, and I know God will continue to use them to point her to Him in the years to come.

Newborn | Becca Sue Photography

So naturally, when I found out on Sunday that Brooke’s water broke and they were in the hospital, you better believe I was glued to my phone, waiting to hear that Tommie had finally made her arrival. It was a long day of waiting for me and an even longer day for Brooke as she went through over 24 hours of active labor. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for her, but I know that the minute she heard Tommie’s first cries it was all worth it.

At 2:21AM on July 3rd, 2017 Mike and Brooke’s lives changed forever as they welcomed their first baby, Tommie Grace, into the world.

Newborn | Becca Sue Photography

Later that day I got to come and take some pictures for them to document this exciting new chapter in their lives. I am so happy I got to be there for them, to fawn over Tommie, and to show mine and Isaac’s love and support to this new family of three. I can’t wait to see the amazing parents Mike and Brooke are going to be! And yes, you will be seeing a LOT of Tommie in the months and years to come. 😉

Congratulations Mike and Brooke!

Newborn | Becca Sue Photography

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